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Solamigos brings a new concept to the market - the combination of UV protection, water resistance, multifunctionality and high-end design. Solamigos' garments are made of excellent quality - the fabrics are designed for extreme sports, tested in accordance with the eco-friendly Oeko-Tex® and the Australian Standard for Sun protective clothing, AS/NZS 4399:1996.

Solamigos is Swedish design, solely produced in Europe. Thanks to Solamigos' multifunctional designs and fabric features, one garment has many different uses. Children are wearing Solamigos for casual wear and when; swimming, surfing, sailing, bicycling, skateboarding, riding, dancing trekking/running, playing etc.

Solamigos was born out of the desire to have every child safe in the sun. "By protecting your children from the sun, you can prevent health problems in the future" - that's Solamigos' motto. The name Solamigos origins from the Spanish word “sol” which means sun and “amigos” which means friends. Solamigos = friends of the sun.
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