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"Wow. Thanks. Beyond having a great store, you also have great customer service! I'll be back" Kerstin, NY

"Tack så mycket! I can't believe my order got to me in just 2 days. And the clothes are even more adorable in person! I'm thrilled to have found your website, and to be able to have the finest in Scandinavian quality kids clothes for my little one" Allison, MN

"The clothes are wonderful, can't wait to see my grandson in them. Thank you for a quality shopping experience, I will be back" Alexandria, NJ

"This is my favorite site now, for beautifully styled, fine quality children's and baby's clothing. Everything is great from the clothing, to the shipping costs, to the ease of using the site. Love it" Suzanne, CA

We received the clothes Saturday (wow!) and we love them! The elephant shirt fits perfectly--in fact, it fits the best! Thank you for your help--you have a new fan and patron! Keri, GA

"Thanks for making the purchase and delivery so hassle-free. Online shopping the way it should be." Michael, Switzerland

I just wanted to thank you for the excellent customer service. Also, you offer fair shipping to Canada. Thanks again, I look forward to buying from you again" Jenny, Canada

"My mum was at the baby shower and said the gift wrapping was so unique - thank you for this. Apparently the smafolk outfits stole the show and everyone couldn't stop ooh-ing and aah-ing at the gorgeous design and quality. My sister had exactly the reaction I had hoped for - she was ecstatic and could not believe I had ordered it from the US. I want to Thank You again for accommodating my request. I will certainly be a returning customer!"Shanya, South Africa

"Thank you for all the details and going back and forth. Really appreciate your attentiveness and promptness" Lisa, Hong Kong

"I wanted to let you know the apparel you carry is wonderful - it washes well, can be worn to pieces, you don't see every baby/child wearing them and they are still going strong some 3 years later with a 2nd baby outfitting them!!!! We have adored everything that we have purchased from you over the years. So, thank you for making this Mumma happy ... especially with 2 boys - it's hard to find classic, smart, durable pieces that aren't covered in derby trucks + machines!!!!!" Helen, TX

"Bringing our 5 year old girl and toddler boy with us on a shopping trip, when they are wearing outfits bought from Copenhagen Styles, always earn us numerous compliments about, how cute the kids are dressed. We love the Danish clothes! The contemporary designs appealing to children’s imagination, and the clothes is made from superior quality fabrics. This website has been booked marked on my pc, since the day I found it. Furthermore the customer service is excellent, shipping is fast and very reasonable priced" Anne, TX

"Thanks again for your excellent customer service!" Amelia,FL

"Ever since our trip to Scandinavia 5 years ago, we have searched for the cool, unique clothes we found there! Your site has the best styles that people literally stop us at the park to ask where they are from. Thank you for sharing a little bit of Copenhagen with us in Alabama" Anna, AL

"The clothes are gorgeous!! Thank you for the wonderful service" Amy, Australia

"We love your shop and are happy we found it!" Susan, WI

"I absolutely adore these clothes! I'm so happy to have found a place within the US that sells good quality, stylish gender neutral clothing. I received the package this a.m. (wow, what quick shipping!!) and I'm DELIGHTED with the clothing!!! I'll be back for more.... Thanks for all of your help and great customer service!!" Elizabeth, NY

"Thanks so much - they arrived yesterday and the twins had to put them on right away! I love the bag too -- those Danes do shopping right. I will check back on your site often as I love idaT, Okker-Gokker, katvig, and hugin-mugin! Thanks again for your help and fast shipment" Leianne, DC

"We love the clothes!!!" Carla, CA

"Thank you very much. I've got your store bookmarked on my browser and will definitely check back often and suggest it for gift ideas to friends." Rob, SC

"I am and remain a fan! I will tell my friends where to order from when they ask me about the cute shirts" Sophia, Australia

"Thanks for the quick shipment! My son and I are truly satisfied with these clothes...:-) Thank you very much and I will come back again!" Tomoko, Japan

"Great customer service!" Carrie, MD

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